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Adult and Geriatric Psychiatrist • Falls Church, VA

Dr. Mghir provides comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and treatment for a wide range of challenges among adults and the geriatric population. During the evaluation, she assesses symptoms and creates an individualized treatment plan. The plan may include medication management, psychotherapy, or both. She works closely with other mental health professionals to coordinate the treatment. 

Dr. Mghir treats a variety of mental conditions in the geriatric population, including dementia, depression, anxiety, and psychological symptoms associated with complicated medical conditions. She also provides counseling and support for patients facing existential issues that accompany old age.

Dr. Mghir is a bilingual (English/Arabic) psychiatrist. She provides a useful service for patients of Middle Eastern background. Dr. Mghir also speaks French and accepts referrals of patients who prefer to use French as the language of communication. She has special expertise in cross-cultural mental health issues. She also offers psychotherapy for some individuals with a specific focus on women’s issues and women’s empowerment.

She has extensive clinical experience with post-traumatic stress disorders. She has conducted research projects on Post Traumatic Disorders related to war and conflict. 

Areas of expertise are Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders (OCD) and Bipolar Disorder, Adult Attention Deficit Disorders( ADHD) and women issues. 

Dr. Mghir works with the LGBT population. 

Dr Mghir is interested in the interface between psychiatry and technology. She offers appointments by videoconference at Doxy.me, which is a HIPPA-compliant platform, as well as in-person appointments. 

Rim  Mghir, M.D.
Adult and Geriatric Psychiatry

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